What happens in a therapy session depends on what your goals and needs are. Maybe you need a safe place to talk one on one. If you are struggling with your relationship, having your partner in the room is often the most beneficial option. There are times when traditional talk therapy might not seem like it is enough to work through certain issues, and EMDR might be the best method for you. 


We are all

meant to



-Marianne williamson


Sometimes simply having a safe place to share with an unbiased person is helpful in and of itself. Maybe you are wanting to work on personal growth and on learning more about yourself in general. You might want relief from specific symptoms like depression, anxiety, stress, or grief.
In addition to these issues, I enjoy supporting clients with LGBTQAI+ and gender identity concerns. I am also trained to work with Highly Sensitive People, folks who tend to process things at a greater depth than others and who tend to be more easily over-stimulated. 


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a psychotherapy model that has been researched more than all other methods combined. EMDR has been empirically proven to work in the treatment of trauma. While it is primarily known as a means of helping people recover from trauma, it can also be used for anxiety, phobias, and performance enhancement. To learn more see the

FAQ page of the EMDR International Association. I have extended my training and met EMDRIA's requirements to become a "Certified Therapist in EMDR." 


I have added Brainspotting (BSP) to my toolbox. You can read more about it and watch a short  and informative video by the founder, David Grand, Ph.D., here https://brainspotting.com 

I have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of BSP. And I was excited to have the opportunity to learn Generational Brainspotting (GBSP) from its developer, Dr. Ruby Gibson. GBSP is a combination of Brainspotting and Somatic Archaeology©, a trans-generational healing model. Dr. Gibson describes the model as being designed to "provide healing for seven generations of inherited familial and cultural patterns."  You can listen to her share the powerful ways she has used it here



I work with people in a variety of relationships, including same sex, straight, and polyamorous, and those comprised of all gender identities. I incorporate an attachment based and emotionally focused approach, along with providing information to folks about interpersonal neurobiology (how your nervous system and your partner's nervous system can act together - for worse and better!). We often repeat patterns in our intimate relationships, that were established early on in our lives, without even realizing it. It can be all too easy for a partner to trigger a "fight, flight, or freeze" response in the other. I can help each of you learn to be mindful and nuturing of one another's insecurities in order to create a secure relationship between you.


A "here and now" psychotherapy group can help you learn about yourself in a setting like no other. The group dynamic tends to bring out the way you typically relate to other people. Your interpersonal strengths can be enhanced. At the same time, the patterns of relating to others that are not so helpful to you can also be brought to light and allowed to change.  
I am currently forming process group for all genders. Contact me if you have questions or if you would like to get on the waiting list. 

Private Practice Consultation Group

This group is ideal for counseling students wanting to get a jump-start, for interns who are at any stage of accruing their hours, and for therapists in other settings who want to shift toward private practice. I limit the size of this small group to 6 members in order to promote connection and depth work. It is open and ongoing. Please email me to be added to the list for updates and for information about the fees for group and individual consultation opportunities. There is currently one spot open. 


Individual psychotherapy session 50-minutes $160
Relationship counseling (2 or more people in session) 50-minutes $200
Because I want to serve folks at all income levels, I do reserve some spots for people who need sliding scale. Those spots are full at this time. 
I accept checks, cash, all major credit cards, as well as Health Savings Account cards. 
While I do not accept insurance, you might check with your provider about what out of network benefits they offer. 


I offer sessions during day time hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Feel free to email me to check on my current availability. 

The things that make us different -

those are our super powers. 

-Lena Waithe 

Saro Helpinstill, MA, LPC, LMFT

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